I am a Senior Project Manager providing project solutions and resources to businesses and organisations during change to their real estate, operational and productive assets.

My business is all about your business.  I focus on translating your needs into a manageable project.

If you know what you need I’ll help you make it happen.  If you’re not sure exactly what you need I can help you decide.

Some of the benefits of using my services.

I have over 30 years of experience managing a variety of projects for a diverse range of businesses, organisations and people.  My track record is delivering successful projects.

I am hands on, trustworthy and conscientious with boardroom stature, maturity and the interpersonal skills required to work effectively with the many stakeholders interested in the project.

My experience and independence allows me to think outside the box to enhance your project.

I will save you time and money and let your team focus on their ongoing business activities.

I will help you resource and manage a team of internal and external resources with the right balance to complete the project successfully; maximising benefits and minimising risks.

The benefits I bring to a project will more than offset the costs of my services.